Drifters and the Damned
Yu Yu Hakusho

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My favorite anime series and the primary focus of my collection. At its heart, it's a fighting anime about an angry teen delinquent who dies performing a selfless act and gets a second chance at life so long as he protects the living world from demonic threats. Beneath that, though, is a truly charming story that fleshes out four wonderful main characters and introduces a vast, colorful cast of side characters and villains. Aside from amazing and creative fights, the show deals with identity, morality, love, friendship, and how even the most aimless among us can find some sense of purpose. The show switches between darkness, violence, and intense action and mixes in backstory, humour, and interesting ethical dilemmas masterfully. Yusuke is a thoroughly likable and intriguing main character, and he'll be making up a lot of this collection because he's near and dear to my heart. Favorite Episode: 97

 Movie Kuwabara  

 Come Again?

 One Spirit Detective, Coming Up


 Demon Boys Aside

 Zeru to Fifty
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